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I like creating electronics related YouTube videos. I mostly buy faulty gear from Ebay and make a repair video of it,
but it's expensive and so with your help maybe I can continue to do so.
If you have any faulty test gear you don't want or going cheap then please contact me. Your support would be greatly appreciated.

Latest Articles.............

Video Blog #095 - Stanford Research Systems SR630 Thermocouple Monitor Repair

Power supply and display issues......not to mention it trips my workshop RCD!
Date: 16/09/2022

Video Blog #094 - Agilent 3499A Switch Control System Repair

The seller said there's no power and a burning smell! So, this 3499A I have plans to use it in the workshop, but first I have to fix it.
Date: 23/06/22

Video Blog #093 - Agilent 3649A PSU Repair - Revisited!

I had previously repaired this power supply a year ago and it's been great.....till now!
Date: 30/04/22

Video Blog #088 - Rigol DG1022Z Arbitary Waveform Function Generator Repair

I was contacted by TDV Electronics from here in the UK who donated a low hours but faulty DG1022Z. They had accidentally connected one of the outputs to +28Vdc and knackered the output.
Date: 01/04/22

Project #026 - DMM Continuity Tester

DMM reviews by 'clicking' the probes together as fast as you can to see if you can beat the 'beep' into submission....."there must be a better way than that".
Date: 31/03/22

Video Blog #086, #087, #089, #090 & #91 - Keithley 2001 7.5 digit Multimeter Repair - Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6

I picked up a Keithley 2001 7.5 digit Multimeter quite cheap and was hoping for an in-depth didn't disappoint!
Date: 11/03/22

Video Blog #084 & #085 - Another HP 34401A 6.5 digit Multimeter Repair - Part 1 & 2

After acquiring yet another HP 34401A 6.5 digit multimeter I begin repairs. One main symptom, but many faults!
Date: 20/02/22