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I like creating electronics related YouTube videos. I mostly buy faulty gear from Ebay and make a repair video of it,
but it's expensive and so with your help maybe I can continue to do so.
If you have any faulty test gear you don't want or going cheap then please contact me. Your support would be greatly appreciated.

Visit my YouTube Channel, plenty of electronics repairs, including test instruments from the simple to the complex.
Lots of fun, lots of education & lots of practical demonstrations.

Latest Articles.............

Video Blog 138 - Tektronix 2430 Digital Oscilloscope Repair

Donated to the channel by Dominic from England, this scope had a few errors before it went BANG!
Date: 02/07/24

Video Blog 137 - Keithley 440 Digital Picoammeter Repair & Test

Donated by Dan from England, this Picoammeter is in need of some calibration on it's Picoamp range. And after some re-calibration & testing it suddenly stopped working, so needed repair also!
Date: 21/06/24

Video Blog 136 - Rapid 7022 Digital Storage Oscilloscope Repair

Donated to the channel by Aaron from England, this Rapid 7022 (re-badged BK Precision 2522B) Oscilloscope has some digital troubles.
Date: 14/06/24

Video Blog 135 - Tektronix 465 Oscilloscope Repair

Donated to the channel by Richard from Oxford, this 465 has a couple of dodgy pots and switches. Can I get to them, and will Deoxit be enough?
Date: 08/06/24

Video Blog 134 - Faulty Test Gear Donations - Follow-Up

This is a follow-up video to the call-to-arms video I published a couple of weeks ago asking if anyone had any faulty test gear they wouldn't mind donating to my channel.
Date: 06/06/24

Video Blog 133 - Keithley 2001 7.5 Digit DMM Repair (re-uploaded condensed)

Back in 2022 I published a 6-part series of videos for the repair of this Keithley 2001 DMM. Re-uploaded as a single ~1hr condensed video
Date: 24/05/24

Video Blog 132 - 3458A 8.5digit DMM Non-Volatile RAM Replacement

The battery backed Dallas RAM IC's in my 3458A are 8 years old, it's time to replace them.
Date: 22/05/24