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I like creating electronics related YouTube videos. I mostly buy faulty gear from Ebay and make a repair video of it,
but it's expensive and so with your help maybe I can continue to do so.
If you have any faulty test gear you don't want or going cheap then please contact me. Your support would be greatly appreciated.

Quick News.............

19/08/20 - Dave Jones over at the EEVBlog has a new feature on his YouTube Mailbag which he's asked subscribers to provide a photo of their own lab/workshop to be displayed on a large 70" Tv behind him......and my own workshop featured as the first! Check it out here.

 Donate to using PayPal here or pledge a donation via Patreon here.

Latest Articles.............

Video Blog #076​ - Agilent E3649A Bench Power Supply Repair

Another Agilent power supply repair, this time an E3649A model.
Date: 07/06/21

Video Blog #075​ - 5 Minute Repair - Lithium Ion Battery

A 5 minute repair of a 9V Lithium Ion battery I had purchased.
Date: 04/06/21

Video Blog #074​ - Workshop Update

A general tour of my workshop including the re-positioning of my laser cutter and reflow oven.
Date: 20/05/21

Video Blog #073​ - Solar PV Gen. & Import/Export Data all in one place!

In this video make some changes to my Solar PV installation.
Date: 29/04/21

Video Blog #072 - EEZ BB3 Bench Power Supply Repair

Repair of my own EEZ BB3 Bench Power Supply.
Date: 18/03/21

Video Blog #071 - HP 6611C Linear Bench PSU Repair

In this video series I repair an HP 6611C Linear Bench PSU.
Date: 27/02/21

Video Blog #070 - 861D Hot Air Station Modification

In this short video I make a much needed modification to my 861D Hot Air Station in order to keep the LCD backlighting on at all times.
Date: 01/01/21