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I like creating electronics related YouTube videos. I mostly buy faulty gear from Ebay and make a repair video of it,
but it's expensive and so with your help maybe I can continue to do so.
If you have any faulty test gear you don't want or going cheap then please contact me. Your support would be greatly appreciated.

Latest Articles.............

Video Blog 123 - Fluke 189 Multimeter Repair

This Fluke 189 seems to have an intermittent problem, at first it worked for me, then went intermittent, and finally failed.
Date: 17/02/24

Video Blog 122 - Rigol DHO800 & 900 Series Oscilloscopes - VESA Mount Review

The new Rigol DHO800 & 900 series oscilloscopes have a VESA mount on the rear of the units. I thought this was a great idea and went about testing six mounts with a DHO914 kindly supplied by Telonic UK (Rigol UK Dealer).
Date: 12/12/23

Video Blog 121 - Racal 835 Universal Counter Repair

This 835 has been sitting for many years and is missing parts! So, I set about trying to get it up & running.
Date: 01/12/23

Video Blog 120 - Voltech PM100 Power Analyzer Repair (2off)

These two units have hit the workbench, both with different issues.
Date: 20/11/23

Video Blog 119 - Racal-Dana 9900 Universal Counter Timer Repair

This 9900 Universal Counter Timer has a broken IC, not faulty......just broken!
Date: 09/11/23

Video Blog 117 & 118 - HP 3245A Universal Source Repair, Mods & Upgrades - Part 2 & 3

2nd and 3rd videos: Replace the faulty VFD, fit a new front panel, add some banana sockets and make a huge observational error!
Date: 07/11/23

Video Blog 116 - Keithley 2306 Dual Channel Battery Charger Simulator Repair - Part 2

Further repairs and refurbishment to the 2306, and initial testing.
Date: 15/09/23