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I like creating electronics related YouTube videos. I mostly buy faulty gear from Ebay and make a repair video of it, but it's expensive and so with your help maybe I can continue to do so. Your support would be greatly appreciated.

Video Blog #034 - Channel & Personal Update (where I've been!)

DISCLAIMER: This video is educational only, so if you decide to do the same yourself then you are on your own, I can't be held responsible for any problems/issues/damage/injury that may occur if you decide to follow this blog and try it yourself.


A very short video just to update everyone on why the PDVS2's have been slow to manufacture and why there's been a lack of video's lately.

Blood infection - Staphylococcus aureus I had no other health problems and none of the usual Staph symptoms. Staph. Aureus is one of the most dangerous and ranges from mild to life threatening and can cause heart, spinal and brain problems. I checked out healthy in all of these (thankfully!) but thanks for the neck issue which prompted the hospital visit who knows where I would have ended up.