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I like creating electronics related YouTube videos. I mostly buy faulty gear from Ebay and make a repair video of it, but it's expensive and so with your help maybe I can continue to do so. Your support would be greatly appreciated.

Video Blog #033 - New Workshop for 2018

DISCLAIMER: This video is educational only, so if you decide to do the same yourself then you are on your own, I can't be held responsible for any problems/issues/damage/injury that may occur if you decide to follow this blog and try it yourself.


Finally! the wooden built workshop is getting the dunt as I've converted the home garage to a new workshop for 2018, here's a little tour of the work in progress.

NOTICE: The workshop has two CCTV cameras (recording 24/7 including night vision) in and around the property and has a PIR sensor tied to the house burglar alarm system. We've got dogs also.


The stud work going up. I was conscious that if the verticals were too deep then it would bring the walls in, so it's a compromise between insulation requirements and room.



The insulation going in. Over at the far left there's a vertical 'pillar' so the studwork was finished flush with that.



Foil backed plasterboard going in.



A view in the other direction the old garage door was left to the very last minute before it was removed. You can also see the under floor insulation as well. I had also specified 400mm centres for the floor timber as I wanted it strong and not subject to any flex.



The garage door gone and all plasterboard/flooring complete.



The new door fitted. It needed to have a glazed upper panel to satisfy local building standards, something about minimum natural light.



Windows fitted.



The old electrics still in-situ, I would simply be changing out a few MCB/RCD's to suit the new requirements.



The external frontage awaiting final rendering.



The final finish awaiting clean-up.



Additional vents needed to be fitted to allow the cavities to breathe.



External door.



Moving in! New workbenches, shelving, electrics, floor riles etc.



New shelving for all my gear/parts.



Joinery work carried out by local Stonehaven tradesman Keith Douglas Construction. Great job guys!