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Video Blog #026 - Ultrasonic PCB Cleaner Flux Removal

DISCLAIMER: This video is educational only, so if you decide to do the same yourself then you are on your own, I can't be held responsible for any problems/issues/damage/injury that may occur if you decide to follow this blog and try it yourself.


A quick 5-minute (maybe 10!) video demonstrating my technique for cleaning flux off newly assembled pcb's using my ultrasonic cleaning tank.

All water based cleaning and rinsing, no alcohol (IPA) used.

3ltr Ultrasonic Cleaning Tank, similar/same unit here. Approx 60 UKP.
Flux Remover & PCB Ultrasonic Cleaner here. Approx 14 UKP per ltr.

Close up photos of a pcb after cleaning & drying, click on thumbnails for larger versions.

cleanpcb1 thumb

cleanpcb2 thumb