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Project 013 - RC Quad Copter

Night Flights


Here comes some night flying!

Using some cheap 3W Led's and 3W driver circuits via Ebay I've attached them below each prop. And with some soloured gels (off an old PAR 56 can) I've managed to have green pointing forward and the rest red. This should help with orientation.

3W * 4 Led's = 12W total. This shouldn't drain the main battery by any noticeable margin.

Pic below is the underside of the Quad in daylight (inside my workshop), so I'm hoping they will light up the sky in the dark!


3W Led driver.
Input = 8 - 12v AC/DC
Output = 3 - 13.5v DC, 700mA


White Lumiled Luxeon Star 3W LED.

Here's my first (quick) night flight.


2nd night flight test with 8off 3W LED's: