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Project 013 - RC Quad Copter

Flight systems testing

With the basic assembly done it's time for power up, testing and 1st flight!

All wiring checked, props removed (the cautious approach!) I attached a Lipo battery and success!, the PWB powered up. Then after pairing the Tx with the Rx board I managed to get the motors running with input from the stick. I'm glad to say that Thomas's LRS system (the Rx) works perfect with the PWB PPM input.

After making the necessary settings to the various channels on the Tx (see Page 3) I fitted the props and holding tightly to the bottom of the Quad I increased the throttle to the point where the Quad was just about supporting it's own weight and then gave the sticks some input and indeed felt the Quad attempt to bank left, right, forwards & backwards. Also, physically pulling the Quad down at one side I could feel the gyro's working and the Quad trying to level it off.

So, that done I tried another test. Here's a video of my first 'tethered' flight! As the Quad takes off I am only very lightly holding/guiding it as I test all the controls. Note: TI is turned off.


I've now also calibrated the Throttle/ESC's (see Page 3) and adjusted the wiring to the battery to make it easier, safer & quicker to connect/disconnect the battery and also in readiness of attaching the video camera & Tx.

Next was the 'shake test' where I tested the gyro's and all I did at this stage was verify that they work, which they do. I haven't been able to test TI as I need more uninterrupted views of the horizon than my back garden allows.

And here is one of my back garden flights:-



And here's one of my first real outdoor flight via the Quadcam. I had decided that back garden flights were over and it was time to try it for real in more open space and also get a chance to try out TI.

Have to say that TI works a charm, and I got through a few batteries before the inevitable bad landing/crash. Only broke a prop though. It seems to me that the low sun confused one of the TI sensors, you can see in the video that the last thing seen by the camera before it went haywire is the sun....directly centre of the cam.


Here's a further back garden test with my new home built Joystick RC Tx.