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Project 013 - RC Quad Copter


I mounted the PWB, ESC's, Rx & completed all the wiring. Heck!, this project was meant to last me a few months!

Total weight without battery is 790g.

This first pic shows the power input to the PWB. Unfortunately, the power connector isn't shipped with the PWB so I have hardwire  it. Off to the left of the PWB you can see the 4off ESC interface connectors.


Shown here is the Rx mounted below the PWB. I'm using PPM direct from the Rx to the PWB, you can see the 3 wires in the foreground running from the PWB.


Again the Rx mounted below the PWB.


This is 1 of 4 ESC's mounted on the arms ofthe Quad.


UPDATED 12/5/10 - Current incarnation of the Quad along with home built RC Tx.