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Project 013 - RC Quad Copter

CONSTRUCTION - Framework/Pod

Busy day today, here's the basic framework completed.

I had bought 8mm square tube carbon fibre for the arms, but I didn't like drilling them and couldn't be bothered trying to work out a way of clamping them to the central pod, so I just bought some aluminium U-tube. Still pretty light, but of course the problem now is that if anything is going to break on impact it won't be the arms. However, I'll no doubt build another frame, so this will do fine as a prototype/test vehicle.
Distance between motor centres is about 840mm.


Below are a couple of close-ups of the central pod with the PWB installed on the top section and the protective aluminium loops fitted. The middle section will house the Rx and DakarOSD pcb's.

The PWB is raised on quite lengthy pillars in order to allow room for the ESC cables/connectors.
The protective loops are orientated in such a way so that the TI sensors have a clear & visible 'view' of the sky.

One thing I am not too happy with is the plastic pillars, I may change them to brass later on to increase strength.