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Project 013 - RC Quad Copter


This bit should be relatively easy, however, I don't want a beginner or easy-build setup..........I want a good, cutting edge design, and I want to be tasked during the build.

BASE PARTS LIST (a starting point anyway!):
Qty 1 - Dammar Brushless PWB - (Dammar/Spectrolutions)
Qty 4 - TP2410-09 Brushless Outrunner Motor with mount - (
Qty 4 - 10/12 Amp ESC - (
Qty 2 - 8mm Carbon Fiber Square Tubing - (
Qty 2 - EPP1045 10x4.5 Props (Set of 2 counter rotating) - (
Qty 4 - 3.00 mm Prop Saver - (
Qty 1 - Receiver - (LRS 430mhz)
Qty 1 - Futaba T6EXAP -(Ebay)
1 Lot - Misc Aluminium sheet - (Ebay)
1 Lot - Misc Carbon Fibre sheet - (Ebay)
1 Lot - Misc Connectors/Cable


I've settled on the Dammar Brushless PWB as pictured below and for the RC Radio control side of things it is designed to be used with a BERG RC Receiver module as pictured. However, I want to use one of my own Radio Rx modules and thus here is the problem, the BERG Rx outputs in a serial form (PPM) which is contrary to the normal multiple PWM output from a normal Rx.

Now, it just so happens that the Rx I want to use is also a custom design called the LRS System from a chap called Thomas from Denmark. It actually operates on 430MHz and is designed for long range operation (perfect for FPV). Now the good news, all Thomas's LRS Rx boards have PPM output unlike most other commercially available Rx.

The only other caveat is that the PPM order from the Tx must be as follows: Pitch, Roll, Throttle, Yaw, Landing Gear, Flaps. I'm looking good on this front.

Took delivery of my own PWB, here's some pics:-


TowerPro Brushless Outrunner 2410-09 13A / 104W

TURNIGY Plush 10amp 9gram Speed Controller


Here's a pic of Thomas's LRS Rx, the extra pin on the Ch.12 connector is RSSI out, Ch.12 itself is the all important PPM out to connect to the PWB.
This is the Tiny-Slim version.


I was planning on using my existing 430MHz converted Futaba T6EXP, however as Ch.6 on that Tx is a switch (digital) I had gone ahead and bought a 2nd hand T6EXAP which is more or less the same except for a nice analogue pot for Ch.6. This means I will be able to have full control over the TI (Thermal Intelligence) feature of the PWB - see Page 3 - Getting Technical.

Here's a photo of the T6EXAP. Note the pot at top right of the set.

Update: I figured it was more work to move the LRS conversion to the new Tx, so I have gone ahead moved the main board & Ch.6 Pot from the new T6EXAP to my original T6EXP. Job done!

Here's a couple of pics of the swap over. Pictured below is the new T6EXAP, the large green pcb at the bottom is the one I swapped over. Below that is the Ch.6 pot that I was after.

Note: Funny how the main board from both Pcb's look identical, right down to the model number of the pcb. I guess therefore that the code is the only difference.