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Project 009 - DakarOSD/Lynx RC Plane OSD


If there's one comment about the software of the Lynx is that there's no dampening on the servo drive, so the antenna can whack around something silly when you first power up and the system hasn't sync'd up etc. I think this puts undue stress on the servo's what with the weight of a patch antenna, especially if it's not balanced well.

The best way of course would be to modify the software, possibly through use of an averaging formula like this = Yn=Yn-1+(1/k*(Xn-Yn-1)) , however, I don't have access to the source code. A pity, as I've used that particular averaging formula to great effect elsewhere.

So, the only way is via a hardware solution and I have found a third party device by way of the Turnigy Servo Speed Regulator. These are designed for retracts etc, but I think they may be ideal for dampening both the pan & tilt servo's. Very easy to use, they just go in series with the servo's and are adjustable.

Here's a pic of the regulators fitted to my antenna tracker. There are 3 potentiometers on each for easy tweaking of speed and direction.

And here are a couple of video clips which show them in operation with & without the Turnigy Servo Speed Regulators fitted.

Note: An added bonus with these units is the option to reverse the direction of the servo's, something I found useful on my own tilt servo which was fitted wrongly. The Lynx Pcb has a 'link' on the board to reverse the direction, but not on tilt unfortunately.

Video: WITHOUT the Speed Regulators fitted:


Video: WITH the Speed Regulators fitted: