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Project 009 - DakarOSD/Lynx RC Plane OSD


Here is the basestation. The video/audio signals from the tripod interface here and I have a local 7" screen for display (as well as 2 pairs of video goggles (one for guest!), and an Archos 605 Wifi for video recording. The black box within the lid is the interface for the HeadPlay video goggles.

What you can't see is the myriad of additional hardware hidden underneath the bottom panel where the diversity module (dual antenna/receiver sources) sits as well as a 5-way video repeater.


Here is a close up of the OSD display as seen on the 7" LCD screen and which is also seen via the video goggles / LCD. The following data is available from the plane:-

- Heading
- Height
- Direction indicator to 'home'
- Heading (deg.)
- Speed
- Plane Battery voltage
- Instantaneous current consumption
- Total mAh consumed (very handy to know the plane's battery status)
- No. of satellites
- Flight duration (minutes)
- RSSI % (main RC radio receiver strength indicator)