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PDVS1, PDVS2 & PDVS2mini Re-calibration Service

PDVS, PDVS2 & PDVS2mini Re-calibration Service

PDVS, PDVS2 & PDVS2mini Re-calibration Service

This service on-hold until I learn more about post-brexit non-UK return deliveries via UPS
Check back soon.



You already own a PDVS, PDVS2 or PDVS2mini, perhaps for a year or more and you want the calibration checked and adjusted if necessary.

I can help you with that.

Do not purchase the re-calibration service if you are purchasing an actual Precision Digital Voltage Source, all new units shipped are fully calibrated and come with a calibration record certificate.
Do not purchase the re-calibration service ahead of time, just purchase it when you need it.



Make the purchase for this re-calibration service, you will be charged the cost of calibration and the return shipping costs based on your location and the appropriate size and weight of a unit.

Once purchased, send your unit to my address in the UK (it's on the invoice). Important: It is your responsibility to send your unit to me, I will not be held liable for any losses during the shipping process to me.

Once I receive the unit it will be run for 24hrs in my workshop prior to full testing. The calibration will be checked against my 3458A DMM and any calibration adjusted accordingly. A new calibration record will be generated.

The unit will be boxed up and returned to you based on the shipping address you enter on the purchase.

Do NOT send batteries with the unit, I cannot return them.

If your unit is found to be faulty then I will advise you via email and there will be a charge for any parts used to repair.



For international overseas customers, to avoid any import duty (at my end) please make sure you identify the reason for returning the unit to the UK "for repair and return".

Any duty, tax, VAT liable to be paid in the event the shipping company disagrees will require YOU the sender to reimburse me.

For info, Fedex have stopped shipments but have cleared the way after I have supplied the original bill-of-sale invoices to them, and only a small admin charge was necessary.

Again, you the shipper will be liable for all costs and charges in respect to getting the unit to me.