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5-Minute Repair 001 - Canon PowerShot G9 12.1mp Digital Camera

Canon produce outstanding digital Cameras, and although I do have a rather nice dSLR I also have a Canon G7 which I use in the workshop to produce all the photos of my projects. However I've had the G7 for a while and decided I'd upgrade, but not wanting to spend hundreds I thought I'd take a chance and buy a faulty camera in the hope of a successful repair.

I spotted loads of Canon PowerShot G9's on Ebay.......hmmm, why so many? Turns out there are know issues with the G9 (although Canon probably won't admit it) whereby a couple of screws deep inside the camera can come loose to the point they fall out and can short circuit the electronics within. The symptoms of such a problem are no power up, dead as a dodo. So, I bid on 3 cameras and won.


12.1 Megapixels, 1/1.7" sensor
6x optical zoom with optical Image Stabilizer
RAW image recording
Face Detection AF/AE/FE
9-point AiAF and FlexiZone AF/AE
3.0" PureColor LCD II
ISO 1600 and Auto ISO Shift

So, I actually purchased 3 cameras c/w chargers, leads, batteries and even the boxes. All 3 have different faults just to vary things in the hope that I could get as many of them up and running as possible.

Camera 1 = No power at all.
Camera 2 = Stuck lens & powers down immediately on power up.
Camera 3 = All photos taken are completely black.

I also found the Canon G9 Service Manual on the web which although I didn't get schematics I did get more details on the pcb's including the location of the on-board fuses etc.


Onto the repair and after analyzing the faults, looking at the condition of the camera's I quickly decided that Camera 1 would be used to sacrifice parts for the other two as it was in pretty bad shape internally, somebody had been there before.

Camera 2 - Gets the DC-DC converter board. The original board's fuses were intact so I suspect a component failure.

Camera 3 - Gets the main CCD sensor, and also a repair to one the flat flex ribbon cables to the CCD. It was torn so I suspect somebody else had attempted a repair job and failed.

So, i've got one of the G9's and the wife has blagged the other and what I have leftover now is a box of bits, but fear not I'll be back again as I'm bidding on more G9's as we speak! Hopefully this time the soldering iron will see a bit more action and if I can get a few lined up fully repaired and functional I'll sell them on again via Ebay for a wee profit.


On opening Camera 2 I spotted a loose screw (centre of photo). This had damaged the DC-DC Converter board:


The loose screw is known to short out the DC-DC Converter board pictured below. If lucky it will blow the on-board SMD fuse, alas it had done more than that with this one:


Here's Camera 2 in a million bits:


Rear view. All this needed to come off to get access, pretty quick and easy though:


Thankfully the front side doesn't need dissassembling:


Success with two of the cameras, fully operational: