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5-Minute Repair 005 - Akura 21" DVD LCD TV

As anyone will tell you marriage is a mix of give & take, and so when the wife says her ironing room Tv isn't working it's time to drop everything and go check it out.
Ok, truth is I had the living room 42" plasma all to myself and so to keep it that way I took a quick look at her Tv.

We'd bought the Akura (aka el-cheapo!) 21" DVD LCD Tv from Makro about 2 years earlier, but had never until today actually tried playing a DVD on it. So the wife inserted a DVD into the trayless drive and................nothing, not even pulling the disk from her fingers into the mechanism. Dead.

I ripped the Tv apart and on inspection the drive was getting +12vdc but there appeared to be no +5vdc present on the drive electronics at all. A quick look around and I noticed the Psu section of the drive electronics was using a CX4060 step down DC-DC converter.

Diagnosis:- Input to CX4060 = yes, Output = no.

Reason:- Enable pin on CX4060 is low. This needs to be high. The pin was sitting at 0vdc, and according to the datasheet has an internal pull-up either the internal pull-up is U/S, or the control electronics isn't working. So, I opted for the quick n dirty method of getting it operating and hacked on a 10k pull-up to 12vdc which met the spec of the enable input to the CX-4060 and the drive burst into life. Boxed her back up and the jobs a good-un.

The wife is happy, and I'm ecstatic!.........because the 42" plasma in the living room remains mine for another evening!



Here's the Tv (guess the movie?):-


The DVD drive on the side of the Tv:-


The drive extracted from the Tv and on the workbench:-


Pcb exposed and showing my 10k resistor on pin 7 of the CX4060 to +12vdc:-


Extract from the CX4060 datasheet:-


Video of the repaired drive:-