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Quick news.............

13/06/14 - I've run out of CSI Bench PSU CC Mode Kits (here), but I do have more PCBs in stock and just need to get after assembling/testing them. Check back soon if you are waiting on getting your hands on some.

17/10/14 - I'm currently working on a new video blog for the modification of an EDC 501J Voltage Standard, it's the version without the front panel (requires remote programming)., So, I'm buidling my own Arduino driven front panel c/w LCD and pushbuttons. Check back soon.

Latest Articles.............

Video Blog - EDC 501-J Programable D.C Voltage Source mods

Video Blog: Whilst researching the idea behind designing and building a handheld Voltage Source I actually ended up buying an EDC 501-J Programable D.C Voltage Source. However, it was the remote programmable version without the front panel controls, so I built my own!
Date: 19/10/14

Project - Designing a Multi I/O Interface for a Sinclair ZX Spectrum

Project: After digging my 30yr old ZX Spectrum out from the loft, I decided to see if I could design & build a Multi I/O interface for it, consisting of both analogue and digital I/O.
Date: 10/10/14

Video Blog - Troubleshooting an I2C interface issue on a 48k ZX Spectrum interface

Video Blog: Whilst prototyping an interface for a 48k ZX Spectrum I came across an I2C bus issue and engaged the decode facility on my Rigol 2202 oscilloscope to help.
Date: 30/08/14

Video Blog - ZX Spectrum 48K - ROM to EPROM mod

Video Blog: How to replace the ZX Spectrum (48K) ROM with an EPROM, and having available two different ROMs to boot from.
Date: 05/08/14

Video Blog - Alesis MultiMix4USB Repair

Video Blog: An unplanned repair of a brand new Alesis MultiMix4USB 2ch mixing console that I had purchased via Ebay for use in the workshop.
Date: 11/07/14

Video Blog - Stanford Research Systems Model SR650 Repair

Video Blog: A two part repair of a Stanford Research Systems Model SR650 Dual Channel Filter I purchased in a rather sorry state via Ebay.
Date: 08/06/14

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