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Quick news.............

24/05/15 - Uh oh!......bad news as DEX has a couple of show stoppers for me, some info here, so it's back to EaglePCB for now. Good news, my YouTube channel achieved it's 5000th subscription today........many thanks to each and every one of you.... :)

10/05/15 - After many years using EaglePCB I have finally moved on to a new app for laying out my PCB's. It's not one of the usual suspects though, it's not Altium Designer, Circuitmaker, KiCad, DipTrace or DesignSpark.......it's AutoTrax DEX. My next project is well under way and I'll be using "DEX" to lay it out. For now, check out DEX here.

19/04/15 - Dang I never video'd it, but I fixed a faulty 22" LG W2246 monitor today. Symptoms were that the backlighting switches itself off after a couple of seconds whilst the monitor power remains on. Traced the fault down to one of the CFL backlighting tubes had been arc'ing at one end and had burnt through the connecting wire leaving it open circuit. So, I scraped off the carbon at the end of the tube and managed to solder a wire on and then after re-assembling the monitor is fine. In fact, I'm typing this up on the monitor!

Latest Articles.............

Video Blog - Handheld Precision Digital Voltage Source

Video Blog: Part 1 of the design & built of a Handheld Precision Digital Voltage Source.
Date: 07/06/15

Project - "Hobby 818" lathe refurb

Project: The refurbishment of a sorry looking "Hobby 818" lathe, including the conversion to DC motor drive and dynamic speed control.
Date: 15/03/15

Project - CSI Bench Power Supply CC Setting Upgrade

Project: As recently sold in my online shop I have decide to open the design to the masses. Eagle PCB and BOM files available for download.
Date: 18/01/15

Video Blog - 22" LCD TV Repair

Video Blog: The 22" LCD TV from our bedroom has stopped responding to the remote control so I decided to see if a quick repair could be carried out.
Date: 11/01/15

Video Blog - Philip Harris Mains AC Current Meter Conversion

Video Blog: My Philip Harris Mains AC Current Meter has 2 modes but only 1 LCD, so I decided to modify the panel and incorporate 2 LCDs.
Date: 06/12/14

Video Blog - Keithley 2015 THD Multimeter Display Replacement

Video Blog: The VFD (vacuum fluorescent display) of my primary bench multimeter has aged and has gone a bit too dimm for my liking, so I set about a repair.
Date: 29/10/14

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