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Quick News.............

15/04/16 - An update to my Home Built Reflow Oven page; Reader Scott Symes has built up his own version of my oven project and added some additional functionality at the same time. Link here.

12/03/16 - Martin Lorton has reviewed my Precision Digital Voltage Source, check out his video here.

27/03/16 - now supports site wide SSL, Click here to access the site (including the shop) using an SSL connection. Why?......well Google for one have announced "Google Will Soon Shame All Websites That Are Unencrypted", click here for more info. And it seems that it's not just Google Chrome, because I notice Firefox seem to be reporting more insecure (non-SSL) connections.

Latest Articles.............

Video Blog #028 - Dataman S4 Programmer Restoration

I purchased a "Solartron S4 Programmer" which appeared to be a much modified Dataman S4 Programmer. In this video I tear it apart with a view to restoring the S4 back to it's former glory, just as it left the Dataman factory.
Date: 29/06/2016

Video Blog #027 - Solartron 7075 Digital Voltmeter Repair & Modification

I purchased a Solartron 7075 7.5 digit voltmeter from Ebay and decided to make some front panel modifications and also recalibrate the unit.
Date: 12/06/2016

Video Blog #026 - Ultrasonic PCB Cleaner Flux Removal

A quick 5-minute (maybe 10!) video demonstrating my technique for cleaning flux off newly assembled pcb's using my ultrasonic cleaning tank.
Date: 20/04/2016

Video Blog #025 - QFN Reflow Repair

A quick 5-minute video demonstrating my technique for QFN IC SMD package repair on a circuit board that I had just reflowed in my oven but that had resulted in some short circuits.
Date: 17/04/2016

Video Blog #024 - Repair & Modification of a Farnell LT30-2 Bench Power Supply

I purchased a faulty bench power supply via Ebay with a view to a simple repair, however, the project soon got extended!
Date: 21/02/2016

Video Blog #022 - Handheld Precision Digital Voltage Source

New video uploaded to YouTube. Final mods into production.
Date: 09/01/2016

Video Blog #023 - Yale HSA6400 Burglar Alarm Modifications

The house burglar alarm is a Yale HSA6400 Wireless unit, but has a few shortcomings in terms of functionality. I'd really like a SMS interface.
Date: 10/10/2015