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Quick news.............

22/10/14 - The EDC 501J Voltage Standard mods are done but I might re-visit the motherboard and try and increase stability/accuracy. Meanwhile, I've ordered 2off EL displays for my workbench DMM's (Keithley 2015THD) from Tektronix and i'll probably do a video blog for that.

26/10/14 - I've been playing with CPLD's for the first time with a view to using one in an up & coming project. The Xilinx XC9572XL is the hardware I've chosen, along with Xilinx ISE Design Suite 14.7. So far so good my "Hello World" is working.

Latest Articles.............

Video Blog - Philip Harris Mains AC Current Meter Conversion

Video Blog: My Philip Harris Mains AC Current Meter has 2 modes but only 1 LCD, so I decided to modify the panel and incorporate 2 LCDs.
Date: 06/12/14

Video Blog - Keithley 2015 THD Multimeter Display Replacement

Video Blog: The VFD (vacuum fluorescent display) of my primary bench multimeter has aged and has gone a bit too dimm for my liking, so I set about a repair.
Date: 29/10/14

Video Blog - EDC 501-J Programable D.C Voltage Source mods

Video Blog: Whilst researching the idea behind designing and building a handheld Voltage Source I actually ended up buying an EDC 501-J Programable D.C Voltage Source. However, it was the remote programmable version without the front panel controls, so I built my own!
Date: 19/10/14

Project - Designing a Multi I/O Interface for a Sinclair ZX Spectrum

Project: After digging my 30yr old ZX Spectrum out from the loft, I decided to see if I could design & build a Multi I/O interface for it, consisting of both analogue and digital I/O.
Date: 10/10/14

Video Blog - Troubleshooting an I2C interface issue on a 48k ZX Spectrum interface

Video Blog: Whilst prototyping an interface for a 48k ZX Spectrum I came across an I2C bus issue and engaged the decode facility on my Rigol 2202 oscilloscope to help.
Date: 30/08/14

Video Blog - ZX Spectrum 48K - ROM to EPROM mod

Video Blog: How to replace the ZX Spectrum (48K) ROM with an EPROM, and having available two different ROMs to boot from.
Date: 05/08/14

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