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Quick news.............

02/10/15 - Am gearing up to start selling my Digital Voltage Source, just got a change to make on the pcb first though (to increase stability) and then we'll be good to go. You can register your interest and be automatically notified when stock appears, see the NOTIFY ME link in my SHOP

29/09/15 - My Precision Digital Voltage Source got featured on the EEVBlog Mailbag today! Thanks for the thumbs up Dave. The next question is should I build a few to sell?

13/09/15 - My cheap Hantek Logic Analyzer sucks!.......so I'm starting a new project whereby I'll be using another Hantek housing (it's nice!) and using an Open Bench Logic Sniffer (OLS) pcb from Dangerous Prototypes. The software is much better than Hantek's.

07/09/15 - Bare PCB's for the ZX Spectrum Multi I/O Inteface are now available in my online shop here.

05/09/15 - The CC Bench PSU Kits are once again available. Check them out in my online shop here.

05/09/15 - Part 2 of the Yale Burglar Alarm build now posted. Check it out.

Latest Articles.............

Video Blog - Yale Burglar Alarm modifications

Video Blog: UPDATED 5/9/15: Part 2 now posted. The modification of our house burglar alarm, a Yale HSA6400. I'm adding a web interface and mobile phone texting facilities, both home grown by way of Arduino of course!
Date: 29/07/15

Video Blog - Handheld Precision Digital Voltage Source

Video Blog: Part 1 of the design & built of a Handheld Precision Digital Voltage Source. UPDATE: It's finished!....Part 2 now uploaded to YouTube. UPDATE (again!): Dave Jones over at the EEVBlog gave my Voltage Source the thumbs up......check out his YouTube video.
Date: 07/06/15

Project - "Hobby 818" lathe refurb

Project: The refurbishment of a sorry looking "Hobby 818" lathe, including the conversion to DC motor drive and dynamic speed control.
Date: 15/03/15

Project - CSI Bench Power Supply CC Setting Upgrade

Project: As recently sold in my online shop I have decide to open the design to the masses. Eagle PCB and BOM files available for download.
Date: 18/01/15

Video Blog - 22" LCD TV Repair

Video Blog: The 22" LCD TV from our bedroom has stopped responding to the remote control so I decided to see if a quick repair could be carried out.
Date: 11/01/15

Video Blog - Philip Harris Mains AC Current Meter Conversion

Video Blog: My Philip Harris Mains AC Current Meter has 2 modes but only 1 LCD, so I decided to modify the panel and incorporate 2 LCDs.
Date: 06/12/14

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