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Quick news.............

13/06/14 - I've run out of CSI Bench PSU CC Mode Kits (here), but I do have more PCBs in stock and just need to get after assembling/testing them. Check back soon if you are waiting on getting your hands on some.

13/06/14 - I'm currently in a "let's fix up some old test equipment" mode, and so far a Tektronix P6046 Differential Probe, a Philips PM3585 Logic Analyzer and a Stanford Research SR650 Dual Channel Filter. Great fun, and always after more of the same to repair/refurbish.

Latest Articles.............

Video Blog - Troubleshooting an I2C interface issue on a 48k ZX Spectrum interface

Video Blog: Whilst prototyping an interface for a 48k ZX Spectrum I came across an I2C bus issue and engaged the decode facility on my Rigol 2202 oscilloscope to help.
Date: 30/08/14

Video Blog - ZX Spectrum 48K - ROM to EPROM mod

Video Blog: How to replace the ZX Spectrum (48K) ROM with an EPROM, and having available two different ROMs to boot from.
Date: 05/08/14

Video Blog - Alesis MultiMix4USB Repair

Video Blog: An unplanned repair of a brand new Alesis MultiMix4USB 2ch mixing console that I had purchased via Ebay for use in the workshop.
Date: 11/07/14

Video Blog - Stanford Research Systems Model SR650 Repair

Video Blog: A two part repair of a Stanford Research Systems Model SR650 Dual Channel Filter I purchased in a rather sorry state via Ebay.
Date: 08/06/14

Video Blog - Philips PM3585 Logic Analyzer Repair

Video Blog: I purchased a Philips PM3585 Logic Analyzer with a few faults, so here we go with a repair.
Date: 26/05/14

Video Blog - Tektronix P6046 Repair

Video Blog: I purchased a Tektronix P6046 Differential Probe with a faulty power supply, so here we go with a repair.
Date: 08/04/14

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