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Quick news.............

03/03/14 - Great news, I've built some more CSI Bench PSU CC Mode Kits. Available from stock direct from my shop here.

01/03/14 - I've got two new projects to announce, a couple of relatively small projects so I'll be running them together (yes, I'm a glutten for punishment!).

Project 1 - I'm designing and building a Voltage Simulator/Calibrator, a hand held device to use in the workshop. It'll be battery powered and consist of a small graphics lcd, keypad and potentiometer. It'll be Arduino powered (what else!). All going well I may sell this via my shop. Photo below shows my testing of the LCD I'm proposing to use in the design.

Project 2 - I'm assisting in the design of an ethernet card for the famous Sinclair QL computer. This one is being done purely for the fun of it. My first computer was a ZX81 back in the day, so getting to grips with the QL is very retro. Photo below is the internals of my dev QL.

project1 big project2 big

Latest Articles.............

Video Blog - Tektronix P6046 Repair

Video Blog: I purchased a Tektronix P6046 Differential Probe with a faulty power supply, so here we go with a repair.
Date: 08/04/14

Video Blog - CSI3003X5 Bench Power Supply - Constant Current Mode Modification

Video Blog: Quick 10min video on the modification of my CSI3003X5 Bench Power Supply. The addition of off-load constant current setting.
Date: 06/12/13

Project - Home Built Bench Power Supply

Project: I'm building my own bench power supply, based around, of course, an Arduino.
UPDATE 15/12/13: Version 3 prototype hits the workbench.
Date: 07/07/13

Video Blog - Pioneer Amplifier Repair & Conversion

Video Blog: Repair of a Pioneer Amplifier & Conversion of the Volume Control to a Motorized Type.
Date: 15/06/13

Video Blog - Home built Segway Construction info

Video Blog: Info on the design of my Segway including back garden testing.
Date: 02/06/13

Video Blog - Home Built SMD Reflow Oven

Video Blog: Home built Arduino powered SMD Reflow Oven based on a Toaster Oven.
Date: 25/05/13

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Can't set the CC setting on your CSI Psu whilst off-load?
Get the CSI Bench Psu CC Mode Kit. Click HERE.

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