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Quick News.............

17/07/16 - I'm playing with Altium's CircuitStudio. The app is about 1-year old already and with V1.2 just out and a huge drop in price I thought it worth a go (not to mention Autodesk just bought Eagle PCB from Cadsoft!). So, right now I'm running through some tentative first steps with CS with a view to a blog page and/or a video on my findings. Can I be dragged kicking & screaming away from Eagle.....?

15/04/16 - An update to my Home Built Reflow Oven page; Reader Scott Symes has built up his own version of my oven project and added some additional functionality at the same time. Link here.

12/03/16 - Martin Lorton has reviewed my Precision Digital Voltage Source, check out his video here.

Latest Articles.............

Video Blog #028 - Dataman S4 Programmer Restoration

I purchased a "Solartron S4 Programmer" which appeared to be a much modified Dataman S4 Programmer. In this video I tear it apart with a view to restoring the S4 back to it's former glory, just as it left the Dataman factory.
Date: 29/06/2016

Video Blog #027 - Solartron 7075 Digital Voltmeter Repair & Modification

I purchased a Solartron 7075 7.5 digit voltmeter from Ebay and decided to make some front panel modifications and also recalibrate the unit.
Date: 12/06/2016

Video Blog #026 - Ultrasonic PCB Cleaner Flux Removal

A quick 5-minute (maybe 10!) video demonstrating my technique for cleaning flux off newly assembled pcb's using my ultrasonic cleaning tank.
Date: 20/04/2016

Video Blog #025 - QFN Reflow Repair

A quick 5-minute video demonstrating my technique for QFN IC SMD package repair on a circuit board that I had just reflowed in my oven but that had resulted in some short circuits.
Date: 17/04/2016

Video Blog #024 - Repair & Modification of a Farnell LT30-2 Bench Power Supply

I purchased a faulty bench power supply via Ebay with a view to a simple repair, however, the project soon got extended!
Date: 21/02/2016

Video Blog #022 - Handheld Precision Digital Voltage Source

New video uploaded to YouTube. Final mods into production.
Date: 09/01/2016

Video Blog #023 - Yale HSA6400 Burglar Alarm Modifications

The house burglar alarm is a Yale HSA6400 Wireless unit, but has a few shortcomings in terms of functionality. I'd really like a SMS interface.
Date: 10/10/2015